Plans| Case Study

Comprehensive strategic and communications planning process for newly formed public sector agency to create alignment around shared goals and build an organizational culture to support goal achievement.


Large state agency with 6,500 employees working in 10 divisions to deliver services to over 80,000 children and families per month.


As a newly formed state agency with a large workforce and a critically important mission of ensuring the safety, well-being and success of children and families, the organization recognized the need to create a strategic plan to prioritize organizational goals and to develop and implement strategies to realize those goals. The agency was under multiple federal and state mandates and intense public scrutiny, which magnified the need to develop and implement a plan of action to address concerns and enhance its efforts for achieving the agency’s mission. In order to be successful, the organization also needed to develop a strong leadership team, build buy-in from staff, and foster strong relationships with a large and diverse network of community partners. 


Working in close partnership with the client, Clarus developed specialized and carefully sequenced solutions to help the client achieve their organizational goals, including:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Communications Planning
  • Plan Implementation Management
  • Leadership & Team Development


The agency was operating in crisis mode and did not have the internal resources to plan strategically. Because of Clarus’ expertise in working with large public sector agencies, Clarus united the agency’s leadership team and drew upon their ideas and strengths to help them build a highly effective strategic plan. The process started with the creation of an organizational vision, mission and values developed using a highly-collaborative format designed to promote buy-in. This ensured that the vision, mission and values were not simply words on a page but aspirational principles to guide decision-making and daily operations. The organization built on these foundation elements by carefully and clearly articulating their long-term goals as well as specific strategies for achieving their goals via a comprehensive strategic plan. With the support of Clarus, the agency evolved from crisis mode to operating with a purposeful plan and support from internal and external constituents.

Understanding that leadership is vital to the successful implementation of any plan, the agency engaged Clarus to conduct an intensive 7-week management training program that not only strengthened management and leadership skills, but also fostered a culture of planning within the organization, leading to successful implementation of the strategic plan. Since this initial scope of work, Clarus has been retained by the agency to complete a number of additional planning and leadership development projects.