People | Case Study

Customized planning process allows third-generation family owned business to strengthen corporate culture while responding to changing market conditions and consumer trends.


Family owned and operated company with regional footprint, multiple distribution facilities and more than two hundred employees.


Following a period of rapid growth through strategic acquisition and product diversification, the company recognized two critical needs to best position itself for continued success. First, leadership acknowledged its people were its greatest asset. They sought to prioritize the strong company culture, which had long been a hallmark and differentiator of this family owned businesses. At the same time, leadership recognized a need to realign operations, communications, facilities and fleet management to capitalize on its growth. This realignment would help the company stay competitive in a highly regulated industry experiencing significant market innovation.


Clarus tailored and sequenced solutions to meet the client needs, including:

  • Coaching
  • Organizational Culture Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Plan Implementation Management


The company’s commitment to team culture, actionable results and high-level performance paired with Clarus’ partnership generated measurable, positive change for the company. The strategic plan served as the framework for this positive change, laying out a comprehensive road map for addressing the company’s culture, communications, operations, facilities and fleet management opportunities. Implementation of the strategic plan generated improvement in employee engagement and satisfaction, reduction in employee turnover and strengthened systems for two-way communication throughout the organization. It also led to improvement in key performance indicators for warehouse operations and efficiency, sales performance, technology integration and fleet management. Executive coaching also provided the capacity for structural realignment at the most senior level and re-commitment to the company’s culture and navigating change. Through implementation of a strategic plan supporting balanced focus on culture and operations, the company became well-positioned to continue to capture opportunities for growth well into the future.