As your strategic partner, Clarus offers the following services:

Executive Coaching

Leadership Training

Team Development

Diversity & Inclusion

Facilitation Services

Strategic Planning

Communication Planning

Operational Planning

Succession Planning

Collaboration and Partnership Development

Plan Implementation Management & Evaluation

Organizational Culture Assessment

Client Experience Evaluation

Member Engagement Assessment

Issue / Stakeholder Identification Mapping

An aligned organization with high-performing team members (people), an effective strategy with a clear sense of direction (plans) and dynamic communication loops for understanding stakeholder feedback (perspectives) can create an environment for increased performance, growth and achievement of vision. Clarus offers a suite of services that, delivered individually or in tandem, support the ever-evolving and diverse needs of our clients. We help our clients meet and exceed their goals by building the people, plans and perspectives needed to achieve success.

Clarus works closely with clients to tailor and sequence the scope of work to meet each client's unique goals and offers customized consulting services to build a project to the specific needs of each organization. In addition, Clarus' clients benefit from:

  • Our diversity of thought and approach, which provides our clients with the clear analysis, information and results they need to drive progress, overcome barriers and achieve growth.

  • Our capacity to serve as a trusted advisor, building relationships and trust with our clients during their most difficult circumstances and greatest victories. We are available for our clients whenever they need us.

  • Our ability to assess the organization through our various lenses of expertise, ultimately benefiting and strengthening the entire organization in a seamless and organic way.

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