Designed for leaders, managers and high-performing talent who mentor others.


There is great value in connecting more seasoned employees with newer and/or less experienced employees to build rapport, provide guidance and accelerate learning. Mentoring’s focus is on accelerating learning, passing wisdom from one generation or one employee to the next and ensuring a supply of capable and engaged talent; it should be part of employee development and successful succession planning.

The ClearMentor™ program is a results-oriented, activity-based education program that trains leaders, managers and employees how to mentor others to effectively share information and accelerate learning to advance knowledge and performance capabilities throughout the organization.

Performance Outcomes

  1. Understand the role of mentoring as the means to accelerate learning, improve performance and develop future talent for success.
  2. Increase mentor self-awareness of strengths, abilities, passions, personality and communication style leading to better mentor performance.
  3. Build stronger workplace relationships and develop a learning and sharing culture.
  4. Improve workplace performance and business outcomes through stronger talent development and information and skill sharing, resulting in improved engagement, connection, commitment, creativity, resilience, accountability and performance.

Program Delivery

The unique delivery method and learning modalities of ClearMentor™ are integral to the success of the program and include classroom and experiential learning, mentoring web assignments, peer-to-peer mentoring and mentor coaching. The program delivery methods can be customized for each client.

Contact Jay Forte, certified professional coach and executive contributor at Clarus Consulting, for more information about ClearMentor™.
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