Designed for all current and emerging leaders throughout the organization.


The continued success of any organization involves the selection, training and development of its future leaders. The seamless transition from today’s to tomorrow’s leaders allows an organization to maintain its connection with its employees and customers, attract new and high-performing talent, continue to create opportunities and successfully address challenges.

ClearLeader™ is a results-oriented, activity-based leadership program designed to improve, enhance and develop leadership competencies. The structure of this comprehensive training focuses on personal development/self-awareness, developing and leading others, creating and maintaining high-performing teams, decision making/critical thinking and developing and managing from well-thought out organizational plans. ClearLeader™ presents all leadership topics in a variety of learning modalities and flexible delivery methods to accommodate multiple learning styles, busy work schedules and a constantly changing workplace. 

Performance Outcomes

  1. Increased self-awareness of strengths, abilities, passions, personality and communication style leading to better self-belief and self-management.
  2. Definition and establishment of leadership behaviors and values to craft and develop a personal leadership style.
  3. Proficiency in how to hire, coach, engage, communicate with, develop and retain high-performing talent, leading to successful employee performance management.
  4. Proficiency in team culture, communication, dynamics and application of strengths, leading to productive, supportive and collaborative teams.
  5. Proficiency in entrepreneurial and opportunity thinking, strategic plan development, performance measurement and organizational metrics. 

Program Delivery

The unique delivery method and learning modalities of ClearLeader™ are integral to the success of the program and include classroom and experiential learning, leadership web assignments, skill webinars, mentoring, leadership projects and leadership coaching. The program delivery methods can be customized for each client.

Contact Jay Forte, certified professional coach and executive contributor at Clarus Consulting, for more information about ClearLeader™.
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