Designed for all levels of leaders and managers throughout the organization.


Efforts to improve employee engagement haven’t been successful, evidenced by the current nearly 70% disengagement rate that has only marginally improved since 2001. To effect a sustainable change in employee engagement, resulting in improved commitment, effort, performance, retention and improved business outcomes, requires a change in the quality of the relationship between the manager and employee. To create this relationship requires managers to shift from performance management to performance development – from managing to workplace coaching.

ClearCoach™ is a results-oriented, activity-based coach instructional program that trains managers at all levels to be more coach-like – to improve the employee/manager relationship resulting in improved employee engagement, performance, retention and key business outcomes. ClearCoach™ is built on the foundations and fundamentals of core coaching from the International Coach Federation, adapted for practical application in today’s workplace.

Performance Outcomes

  1. Understand the role of coaching as the means to drive key business outcomes.
  2. Increased self-awareness of strengths, abilities, passions, personality and communication style leading to better self-belief and self-management.
  3. Proficiency in gathering information about and assessing employees’ abilities, interests and unconscious biases to more efficiently assess, guide and coach their performance.
  4. Proficiency with coaching skills and behaviors to effectively and successfully coach in workplace situations.
  5. Proficiency in building stronger employee/manager relationships, resulting in improved employee engagement, connection, commitment, creativity, resilience, accountability, performance and retention.

Program Delivery

The unique delivery method and learning modalities of ClearCoach™ are integral to the success of the program and include classroom and experiential learning, coach webinars, skill webinars, peer-to-peer coaching and mentor coaching. The program delivery methods can be customized for each client. For clients interested in a more accelerated learning pace, consider our Accelerate™ program.

Contact Jay Forte, certified professional coach and executive contributor at Clarus Consulting, for more information about ClearCoach™.
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