Clear Executive Coaching™

Coaching Specifically Designed for Executives and C-suite Employees


Executives and C-suite employees drive the direction, culture, performance and success of their organizations. Regular development is essential for their effectiveness.

Executive coaching is professional coaching delivered to executives and C-suite employees with a focus on developing leadership skills, personal strengths, self-awareness and clear organizational alignment to manage organizational complexity, activate and develop high-performing teams, identify and respond to opportunities, and drive change in challenging conditions.

As the business environment becomes more complicated and complex, today’s most successful CEOs and executives are forming honest, close and long-term relationships with executive coaches, who help them continue to make good decisions, expand their self-awareness, develop their skills, identify and address blind spots and develop a plan to grow, develop and succeed.

Executive coaching is quickly becoming an essential component of today’s best senior leaders’ performance development.

Our Clear Executive Coaching™ Methodology

Clear Executive Coaching is provided by certified professional coaches and experienced business professionals with extensive executive, operational and organizational experience. To create more expansive breakthroughs, expanded thinking and a more impactful coaching experience, this program is built on a solid educational foundation that provides education in self-awareness (including strengths, talents, blind spots, values, passions and blocks), self-management, performance energy, communication styles, leveraging assets and activating performance in others. All of these are essential to both enhance the quality and effectiveness of the executive coaching experience, and to better prepare CEOs and executives to to successfully handle challenges and opportunities in all areas of work and life.

Performance Outcomes

Engaging a Clear Executive Coach will:

  1. Improve executive self-awareness, self-belief and self-management
  2. Improve leadership and development skills
  3. Increase executive and employee engagement, productivity and impact through better goal creation, management and achievement
  4. Increase idea generation and improved problem-solving skills
  5. Increase self-confidence to successfully deal with performance and organizational challenges, obstacles, blind spots and blocks
  6. Improve ability to see, create and take advantage of opportunities
  7. Improve organization, focus and performance clarity
  8. Improve personal happiness, success and well-being

How to Select an Executive Coach

Proper selection of an executive coach requires you to:

  1. Assess their experience, success and certification as professional and executive coaches.
  2. Ensure their background includes business, operational and organizational experience.
  3. Ensure a good personal chemistry exists to build trust, honesty and empower authenticity.
  4. Understand their coaching methodology and assess how it fits you and your organization.

Are You Ready for Executive Coaching?

Consider these questions to assess your readiness for executive coaching:

  1. Do I have a strong desire to learn and grow?
  2. Am I ready and willing to be coached, open to new thinking and to seeing things differently?
  3. Do I have habits that are undermining my success that I am ready to address?
  4. Am I dealing with challenging situations and circumstances that need a new or different solutions approach?
  5. Am I committed to be fully present, honest and authentic in my relationship with a coach?
  6. Do I want to partner with a trusted advisor to learn from, expand perspectives and augment learning in critical areas?
  7. Am I committed to discovering, developing and using my strengths to advance my success and effectiveness?
  8. Am I looking for improved health, happiness, success and well-being?

Clear Executive Coaching is a profound development event for today’s executives and leaders, looking to navigate challenges, create opportunities, tap into their potential and lead their organizations to success.

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