Designed to amplify performance for all levels of leaders and managers throughout the organization, with a companion performance improvement program for employees.


Efforts to improve employee engagement haven’t been successful, evidenced by the current nearly 70% disengagement rate that has only marginally improved since 2001. To effect a sustainable change in employee engagement, resulting in improved commitment, effort, performance and retention, requires a change in the quality of the relationship between the manager and employee, and a change in how employees approach work. To create this relationship requires managers to shift from managing to workplace coaching – to create the space and the development conversation to activate employee performance and to drive business outcomes.

Accelerate is a unique program that efficiently and quickly trains managers to be more coach-like – to improve the employee/manager relationship to activate employee engagement and amplify performance. The program is accelerated by the inclusion of a 4-hour employee performance-improvement program that trains employees how to discover and develop their strengths, own their impact and participate fully in workplace coaching conversations.

Accelerate™ - Workplace Coaching Performance Outcomes

At the completion of this program, managers will:

  1. Understand the role of workplace coaching as the means to activate employee engagement, performance and retention, and to drive key business outcomes.

  2. Develop increased self-awareness of strengths, liabilities, passions, unconscious biases, communication style and energetic response to more successfully think and act as a workplace coach.

  3. Gain proficiency with the workplace coaching process and core workplace coaching skills to better understand, guide and coach employees to greater performance through strong and caring relationships.

Accelerate™ - Employee Performance-Improvement Program Outcomes

At the completion of this program, employees will:

  1. Learn a process to expand self- and workplace awareness, develop greater organizational opportunities, solve challenges and own their performance through effective guided workplace coaching conversations.

Program Delivery

The unique delivery method and learning modalities of Accelerate are integral to the success of the program. Employees participate in classroom and experiential learning, while managers participate in classroom as well as online coaching and skill webinars, peer-to-peer coaching, mentor coaching, testing and skill assessment, and a workplace coaching hot-line. The accelerated pace creates less interruption in managers and employees already busy days, while delivering powerful skills, great support and performance ownership. The program delivery methods are customized for each client.

Accelerate introduces workplace coaching skills to become immediately proficient with workplace coaching skills to improve the manager/employee relationship and activate employee performance. It presents fewer skills and has less scheduled practice time than ClearCoach. ClearCoach is a more intensive, longer and more robust workplace coaching program that is designed for organizations that want their managers to fully develop into workplace coaches.

Contact Jay Forte, certified professional coach and executive contributor at Clarus Consulting for more information about Accelerate™ or ClearCoach™.
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